Get Jonesboro Fixed

Jonesbor Animal Control or or call 870-243-4362

Get Jonesboro Fixed

In an aggressive effort to curb NEA’s pet overpopulation and to continue our “Get
Jonesboro Fixed” Campaign, NAFA and Jonesboro Animal Control is sponsoring a
clinic by Dr. Jack Jones, to neuter male cats for a $10.00. In addition to neutering each cat will receive rabies vaccination and acting antibiotic injection.

Cats in live trap must be accompanied by a carrier for home travel
Space is limited—individuals must email or call 870-243-4362 and leave a message to schedule an appointment. .

Drop Off 6:30—8:30 am.
Pick cat 3:00—5:00 pm


Posted : 03-07-2013
Updated : 03-07-2013 14:13:19
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